Monday, July 13, 2009


I am thankful for what I got,
legs to walk, eyes to see, hand to touch, mouth to talk, brain to think, heart to beat.
Parents who loves me dearly, a boyfriend who always there for me, friends who giving me strenght to move on, families who always make me warm when seeing them.
I am seeing good things coming, and I feel good about it.
I will have a good time in UK, yes I did.
I will have people around to help me, yes They do.
I will have parents to miss me when I miss them, yes they do!
I am having good time, study like a degree students and tutors to help out.
I am glad get to study what I wanted to.
I will have critical thinking, and going to do even better in next assignment.
yes, i'm feeling good about this.

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