Wednesday, July 22, 2009

友情は一体なんですか? 可笑しいなああ!

I remember how's the feeling of having a best friend last time.
The kind that you can't do anything without her, or do everything with her.

A friend that understand me the most, we don't need to say much, we just know.

I enjoy the day where we talk to each other in the phone untill late mid night, eventhough my parents scolded me for the sky high phone bil.

I can remember how wonderful it is to have her and her family to celebrate birthday with me.

Like every other girls do, we stay over night at each others' house.

We study together, but most of the time talking, but we enjoy it.

Whenever I saw something about friendship, a card, for instance, I'll automatically think about her, the only person I can think of.

She's the person who can make you happy, know you best, we have to talk everyday, and she always think of you like you always think of her.

We called each other whenever we went travel, and always bring back stories and present for each other.

I so miss the feeling of having a best friend. The kind that only exist in secondary school.

When we grow up, this kind of pure friendship can never be seen.

Perhaps there are, perhaps that's not happening to me.

Time, place, experience, changes take away the purest part of our life.

We don't think so much before, as a kids.

All we need to think is how to have fun, and have more fun!

Although there's a lot of unhappy things last time, but the unhappiness is different from now.

As we get older, we learnt from the environment.

Struggle to live, struggle to survive in the society.

We started to faked a lot of things.

We start to think how to be happy. We don't think how to be happy last time, we just happy.

And funny is most of the time being ignorance is the best solution to feel better to yourself.

Life is unfair, whether you want to be someone good, or someone selfish.

If people doesn't like you, there's no reason!

If you are lucky enough to born with charisma, you'll just shine with lime light on you all the time!

I glad I had best friend before, although I lost her, but still, she'll always be the best.

I glad in each stage of my life there are people who come in to my life, and give me hope and strenght to move on.

I glad that there are friends who look deeper on who I really am, appreciate me as a person.

The world is cruel, people stabbing each other to stand on the crowd, but in front of them they faking smiles and faking friendship to maintain social status.

The one who you treated good is not neccessary the one who treat you as friend!

Those who always mix together as 'friend' is not neccessary as good as you see from surface.

How sad it is to live in this kind of world.

No wonder people are seeking purity now in life, because we losing it by surviving.

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Tammy-C-My said...

Funny that you are blogging about friends and all those best friend thingy. The other day I was watching this show on YouTube about BFFs. They were all talking about their BFFs and all. I just realized that I really don't have a real BFF at the moment, you know. People change and it's like, the things/interests also changes and in the end it's like, the same people, whom you used to have loads of fun chatting with are suddenly not the same anymore.

I might have close friends which I go to for different purposes - haha...but not exactly one person that I really share EVERYTHING with and totally gets me.

I used to have one when I was in highschool. Jee Yin. She, I think gets me THE MOST and last time, ALL WE TALK ABOUT ALL DAY IS TV, TV, TV, movies, movies and hot stars. She knows me the most and I think I'd say that I tell her almost everything.
But after we parted ways (me for college, her for form 6) we can still talk, but not like last time anymore. Like I don't go to her everytime I have a problem. I think mainly because at that time, she doesn't have a Handphone or any msn. It was hard basically. But whenever I go back to ipoh, i'll go look for them. But after she entered university - it was even harder. And slowly, she became more matured (and I became goofier) and she got a Boyfriend and the things the gang talk about all revolves around their boyfriends. I mean, I don't mind the subject change but What ABOUT MOVIES & TV?

Time change, people change and it's so sad that, to be honest, at this moment, I don't really have a person that I can completely share like my interests and everything with. Most of my friends are friends that I can talk to and have fun with, but can't be the ones I really go to or term BFF. Maybe I used to have, but things change, people change, I change, everything change and you think back, it's like: What happened to the good old days? What happened to us...

I know exactly how you feel.

The other day however, I was having an online chat with Jee Yin. So happens she was online. I was talking abt ahem something...and she was like "of course i know la, I know you for almost 10 years already" - at that point, I realize that ...hmm...maybe we are not that changed after all. Like, we still have this bond.

I guess again it's life...
People come people go right.
Even your husband can change. The thing I dread most haha..