Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trembling down

Things are shattered all over the place,trying to hold back the nausea of mine, but the inside is rotten.

My head was screwed, the engine was rusted, arms are chained.

You got 2 choices, run to the wall and end the pain, or live like this.

Look at the people who are successful with their life, perhaps they gone through much harder way.

I wasn't born with a smart head, neither good in writing.

Since young I've been asking myself what I good in? I mean, do I have any expertise?

I always thought myself will be an extraordinary, I'm still searching for it.

I miss my yang qing suddenly.

That's the best I can achieve in my life, but not good though.

Suddenly I can't remember the reson I'm here.

Just because of everyone is coming here? Or because I really want to study further?

I wish I could lie under the trees now, the place in the picture, Lake District.


Tammy-C-My said...

Wei Sin!! I really think that you are a lot lot better than you think. Don't think that you are not good at anything.I also feel tat way sometimes. I understand how u feel, especially when you are down but try to remember that Everyone is here for a reason (I guess haha, some ppl are born to annoy other ppl).

THERE ARE SO SO MANY THINGS THAT YOU ARE GOOD AT MA! I think you are one of the most well-balanced smart girl in class. I mean you know mandarin and english. You can belong everywhere! You are caring and you can COOK! You think that's easy? Like that Chinese saying: "Chut tak cu fong, yap tak tang tong" haha...seriously lar! Aiyo. Just because a few ppl don't see it in u YET doesn't mean you are not as good (IF NOT BETTER) than those 'first' class.

Anyway it's ok to cry and let it out la. Venting is a good stress reliever sometimes haha...
Hope the sunshine will come ur way soon k...take care

weisin said...

Thankiu for talking to me while I'm in bad mood :)
Talking to you is a pleasure!
I wish good thing will happen soon, and I'm gonna think possitively, do whatever hard way to get to better result .
*hold both hands* Thank you!!!