Friday, January 10, 2014


People constantly change.
People come and go.
People react in some unexplainable funny ways.

As I recall the whole day, I felt breathless.
And yet I'm a total sucker for people. Anyone who I dear, I can hardly mad at them for long.

There's isn't anything to be mad at actually. We just live un-parrallel anymore.
When things we do seems childish, communications seems waste of time, we don't live the same life anymore.

Which one thing I can never understand.
Friends are suppose to be genuine, no agenda, concerning, supportive and caring.
There's no 'reason' to be concern, no 'reason' to say Hi, no reason to just request for a pat on the shoulder because you need an encouragement.

I'm trying here, you see, trying to maintain the invisible fine line of friendship.

At the same time, is a mirror to myself.
If someone could see me in this way, probably I'm really a joke.
Meaning I just sounds stupid and worth ignoring.

No one knows how ignoring kills, and ignoring is more hurtful.
My heart totally sank today.
It's all a mistake, stop being a sucker and look dumb and bimbo.

Nights world, tomorrow will be a better day being another passer by people's life.

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