Thursday, January 30, 2014

The year of Horse *Ma*

Here we are, the first year of Lunar New Year, and here I am on my bed, my own bed writing this.

We are not child anymore, we don't anticipate CNY like we used to. 
To me this is a precious holiday, precious break where I can just lay back at home doing nothing, and just savior the sweetness of being lazy.

My dad rarely spend CNY with us since young. He's a long distance bus driver from KUL-SG. Every year without fail, he wouldn't be at home with us to celebrate because it's usually the busiest day of the year.

My mom will take me and my brother to her hometown to sleep over, and celebrate CNY together with my grand parents and great-grandma. We are always excited to stay with the elders, drinking chinese tea, watching TV, or playing fire crackers just to wait until 12am. It's a chinese ritual to stay until mid night on the CNY eve, to wish for the elders' health and longevity. 

Soon after that is my grandpa's worship to 'invite' the god of prosperity to the house. And you will expect lots and lots of fire crackers throughout the entire kampung.

Early morning before the sunrise, my grandparents will be up to start their day. Busy cooking, preparing ingredient for the feast and pray to the ancestor.

My great grandma will always sit at the gate, praying. I can still remember her face, her calm beautiful aged feature with a big smile. 

This is my childhood, the CNY I can remembered.

Nothing resemble the old days now, not only my great grandma is not around anymore, the atmosphere and practices are different. My dad come home to us and celebrate with us now, and we no longer sleep over my grandparents' place to celebrate CNY. Reunion dinner is usually some lousy overpriced restaurant 9 course meal. Somehow, I missed those days, the smell of the village in the morning, the scent of wet soil and the warm sun shine after breakfast.

If I ever have a child in the future, I would let her experience the same CNY as I did last time.

Heard that the fortune for my zodiac this year is really good finally, I shall succeed this year with ambitious and energy, lots and lots of positive energy!

Lastly, may all the people I love happy and healthy always, wishing all of you living in prosper and peace, a joyful and fruitful horse year ahead!


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