Sunday, February 2, 2014

Transitions in 10 years

I sort of have so much feeling today. OK, not sort of, I think I have many feelings now.

Went to catch up with some old friends today, just a short one. I was shocked that so many of them are going to get married this year or next year. And one of my important friend showed me his proposal video just now.


Looking back to the days we were in our uniforms, practicing and performing together as an orchestra. That was 10 freaking years ago. 

And now we are no longer talking about work, career and cliche bf.
It's about marriage now and someone's baby.

Soon after that we will see people start bringing babies to join the gang. What a scene!
And I'm glad and also happy to witness this transition. 

On the other hand it makes me realize, this is so surreal.
As if everything happened and I'm not part of it. I think I better be a bystander than in it.

I can visualize myself with many other things but nothing close to that. Showing each other the ring and rocks on the fingers, and discuss about ritual and ceremonies. 

But somehow I guess that's a happy thing to do, to be able to share that precious experience with someone. And get ready and all excited about the big day.

I'm truly happy for those who manage to find their prince charming, and the happiness on their face, is unbelievable. 

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