Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The 80s

We came from the era where boy bands do know how to sing. Their songs are evergreen, look around you, which one of you can't sing along 'As long as you love me' (the Back Street Back version, not the JB version) and 'Swear it again'?

We came from an era where technologies are so precious, it's expensive but enjoyable. It's so expensive that a family can only afford one PC, and families are surrounding that 1 PC and feel good about it.

We came from an era where SMS is not as cheap as calling land line, so we rather talk on the phone for hours.

The 80s most affordable entertainment, is 7pm TVB. Later on is 8pm Korean drama. It's TV where people sit together and laugh together. No online streaming and Youtube.

Video games, game boy, Nintendo, Tamagochi is so precious is our childhood, again you can only afford 1 in a family. We fight for it, cry for it, argue for it, but it's fun.

What about now?

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