Sunday, December 15, 2013

Be nice to yourself

It's awakening when friends of mine was shopping with me, and every shops I went in they will know I'll end up buying nothing.

Yes, girl, be nice to yourself. I think.

Maybe that's the right thing to do.


I used to have this fantasy, meeting someone who will treat me like a real precious, a princess maybe.
That's quite hideous dream but I think nothing wrong had that dream.
And here I come to realize that being nice to you, is not the same as treating you as someone important.

There's many forms and factors of love and compassion. Some pour in effort wholeheartedly, some feel loved by being loved.

Why let people screw you when you can be queen of yourself?


My weakness and my strength are being very emotional and very attached to people whom I care. Making decisions will be extremely hard when I have to make a choice, on the people I cared.

Again, why let yourself live under the attic, when you can live under a big mansion with Tiffany lighting, furnished with Christmas trees and Swaroski finishing. 

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