Wednesday, February 3, 2010


There's so much feelings recently, not myself, it's by seeing my friends feelings, which somehow affected me.
Emotions is weird I think, one thing I cannot handle properly is emotions. That's why rather than handling the emotions, it's better to be emotionless.

If you don't have much emotions you wouldn't expect. No expectation will not lead to disappointment. This is what I learnt from my pass.

But when feeling strikes you, no one can avoid it, no matter how rationale and wise you are in managing your EQ.

Angry just piss off and curse!
Sad you just need to cry yourself out and sleep.
Happy just enjoy the moment, keep it in your memory bank.
But what when all these feelings fixed up?
I experienced this once long time ago, where I have no way to handle it except being a coward and run away from problem.

Make people hate me, then learn a lesson and be fake to everyone, and slowly I adapt to the fake me and forget the past. I guess I am happier by letting things go. At least people don't hate me that much, and I'm glad I learn when I'm still able to make mistakes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm quite satisfy with my current life.
A stable job, couple of close friends, dinner mate, a partner, families...I guess no news is good news! :p

Job is getting more and more...this is the life cycle I reckon.
Gonna head back to work..headache!!!

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Park said...

take k lol =)

enjoy your life too =)