Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Year

Chinese New Year is so much different from last time.

From the weather till the atmosphere.

The expectation during chinese new year nowadays is totally different from last time.

I still remember I used to get sooo excited for new year eve, staying up late to 守岁(staying late to bless your parents for good health), waiting for the chai shen ye prayer, listening to fire crackers, follow my grannys to prepare ancestors worshiping....Wake up in the morning rush to the kitchen and see what's my mom cooking, busy body ask for my grandpa to buy me more fire crackers...

It's always fun and happy during chinese new year.

Guess eevrything has change nowadays. No more fire crackers, no more staying up late to bless my parents (because we so use to stau up late, the meaning is different), the weather turn haywire, the kids grown up, everyone prefer staring at the laptop screen rather than the TV, lesser relatives coming back to visit my granny after my grade-grandma passed away. Awww...I miss her so much...

Nothing can stop the changes, but I still glad that I had the experience of celebrating a true Chinese New Year, not another festive season to eat all the good stuff and take ang pow money. The meaing of chinese new year is much more than that, it's a festival for family to gather, for friends to gather, for you to plan for the year ahead and crosscheck what have you done in the previous year.

This chinese new year I kinda lost, because this is the first CNY after I started working.

I felt less CNY mood, because I still thinking about my work sometimes and I have lesser time to prepare for CNY.

My boyfriend is homealone during CNY and I felt so bad for him.

My friends had a tough time going through the emotional swing.

My mom not feeling well because of the weather, and I'm not feeling well because of the heat.

One thing I feel very happy during this tiger year is I have 2 more tiger cousin sisters in the family!! The babies can always make me smile, babies rox CNY!
Now my babies in the family growing, and I started to lost count...=..=
But still I love them all!!! <3
And hor and horrr!!!!
My handsome uncle engaged during Valentine's day aka chor yat this year!!!
I felt so glad for my aunt because her youngest son finally get married"!!!!
Last year has been a tough year for all of them especially after her husband got stroke.
I sayang my aunt so much and I felt the bitterness in her heart too!
The joy on her face that day is so relief, and I know everyone of them is blessed that day!


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