Monday, February 8, 2010

What touches you?

Picture credit to Jennifer Tai photography, her photograph truly touches me.

Many small little things can make my day.
Not extra things like won a lottery or get promoted.

Something simple, like a baby's smile, a beautiful pictures, a funny jokes, a warm person, the funny way of people walking, catching up with old friends, old school friends gathering invitation, kind gentlemen help you to carry things without you asking, a stranger's smile, a dinner appointment, a nice song in the middle of traffic jam, old time memories, a tease, an old song full of memories, a few line MSN conversation with long lost friend.

All these touches me.

As simple as a soulful lyrics.
Simple as knowing friend's valentine's day plans, imagining the smile on their faces.

It's just simple and happy to live in the life you have. Remember every bits of them. Happy or sad, they will bring you something at the end of the day.
Thankful for the rights and wrongs. They are the one making what you are today.

If there were next life, I wish I can bring memories with me.

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