Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why Blog?

Why I only feel like blogging when I'm not in a good mood?
I'm not extraordinary bad mood till want to vent things out, but i just have lower self esteem today. This morning's Pagi show is funny, the later topic of the day was do you hate eating alone, the first topic is 'what is the ridiculous demand you ever get from your partner'.

I guess I hate eating alone LOL. very much.

Since I'm not in the mood of working, looking at the computer but think of something else, might as well I do something to make myself better.

What can you do to make you feel better when you're in office?

1) Stuff yourself in music, maximize the volume of your mp3/ handphone whatsoever, follow the beat and shake it! (You'll look like a freak but hey, I don't care!)

2) make yourself a cup of rich Nestlo, put as much milo powder you want, sweet things make you happy I guess.

3) Go out of the office, find some place which is absolutely quiet. (I guess will get more emo by doing this )

4) call your boy friend/ girl friend. (If only they are not working, able to entertain you)

5) Visit shopping site, entertainment site, any light content site.

6) go Youtube and find some funny commercial to LMAO!

7) think of the weekend, plan your weekend ahead. If so happen it's Monday then skip this.

8) Ask someone for dinner, someone who can make you happy for dinner. Then look upon the nite.

9) running out of idea.

10) blog lo.

Haiz, still low esteem-ing.

Well, I think i gonna start by doing item no.1, ciao!