Monday, November 30, 2009

Realistic vs Idealistic

Most of us are officially become a grown man, stepping out from mummy's and daddy's protection, going out to this sickening society waiting to be burn out and pollute.

Okay, sounds very negative...

but my point is, most of us is going for a job, or...looking for a job.
For those who are not looking for a job either has ended their student life, so no more student you're enjoying the year end holiday like we used to during after form 5.
But feel sad at the same time for being too free, and looking at people wrote on FB saying they miss Liverpool so badly, you know there's no turning back.

I have been to several interviews...answering their questions make me think of the changes occurred to myself during my college time.

Once an interviewer asked me: 'why you choose to study broadcast, but you don't choose to pursue in this industry?'
Few others interviewer asked me the same question:' Why broadcast ? Why mass comm?'


I gave them my reasons, but to sum up my reasons, because I used to be Idealistic, but now I'm realistic.

So let see wat's the differences of Idealistic and Realistic...


Idealistic: the 'future' in mind is within 5 years time.
Realistic: the 'future' in mind is up to 70 years old.

Idealistic: most important is happiness.
Realistic: most important is happiness, and the happiness of the others.

Idealistic: can make a decision in less than a minute. The factor is 'like/dislike'.
Realistic: take ages to make a decision, depends on the importance of the issue. eg: What to eat for lunch? (factor: calories, budget, after lunch feel sleepy, distance to grab the lunch, weather, hungry or very hungry, ahh....half an hour of lunch time gone.)

Idealistic: can always ask for pocket money in super thick face.
Realistic: seldom ask for pocket money unless mummy really forgotten to give.

Idealistic: see anything in RM XX.99 will think it's cheap.
Realistic: see any price tag in RM XX.99 will automatic round up the numbers plus tax and service charges and god knows whatever hidden charges.

Idealistic: always see myself still young, study life is still a long way to go.
Realistic: started to think about how much family have spent on my studies, how much longer I able to pay back the debt.

Idealistic: do part time job for fun.
Realistic: do part time job for $$.

Idealistic: study fashion trend and craving for branded stuff, the aim for future is to carry a LV bag.
Realistic: study fashion trend and craving for branded stuff as well, but notice the identity and standard of one is the factors which determined whether the LV is a fake one or a ori one.

Idealistic: chase after some boy band and buy whatever with their image on.
Realistic: download their songs from Internet will do.

Idealistic: full of imagination and creativity.
Realistic: rusty imagination, zero creativity.

Idealistic: Come'on! who wants to think about tax, credit card, insurance and EPF?
Realistic: payer is painful, plus insurance and EPF???

Idealistic: can spend whichever I like, as long as there's still 5 ringgit notes in my purse. (or coins)
Realistic: Less than RM 50 is very insecure.

Idealistic: dreaming to become a backpacker and travel around the world.
Realistic: dreaming to become a backpacker but can just remains as dream. Family to feed and debts to pay are more important.

Idealistic: Savings is to buy the latest mp3/camera/handphone/designer bag/celebrate Christmas/CD...
Realistic: Savings is to invest.

Idealistic: Where you see yourself in 5 years time? Answer: Dunno wor...
Realistic: Where you see yourself in 5 years time? Answer: (Model answer) I see myself achieving at least 3 steps of my career ladder. know what I mean?

Quite sad actually to see myself transform into this kind of person, and I might become like this or worst for the rest of my life.
All these are not FACTS, but just a comparison according to my transformation in these years in college.

A new start tomorrow, hopefully it'll be a good start and hopefully SUN SUN LI LI...

please let me fall in love with buses and LRT as well...(!%$&##!@#!!!)


Rach the Lee said...

haha so true! :D

buses and trains are fine, as long as you're not boarding them in msia huhahahaha

szetooweiwen said...

wahhh you can become financial analyst! your comparisons are very very very good! can do a short documentary on it sure very funny wan! :) good luck at your new job ya gambatte! :)

Tammy-C-My said...

lolx wei sin! good comparison. sadly i'm still 75% idealist haha. But keep some of ur dreams alive girl. it's important also..but since u can see both sides, then u r balanced lar..good good! all the best with work!

weisin said...

Mentioning about financial analyst I can only think of Rebecca Bloomwood...LOL!
You seems doing great in your work. Don't worry, starting is always harder, stay strong. If you need any help...(as IF i can help) just gimme a RING! Mayb I need your help soon...I'm now implementing blogger network =.=

Tammy :)
Don't worry, I quite envy those who hold tough to their dream, just that I'm not trained in that way. I love to dream, but I'm more aware of the reality. Don't worry, you'll pursue your's soon!

miapatra said...

I heard you've found a quite-ok-job, as long as you like it.
and i absolutely agree with what you said
"idealistic and realistic", not too late to transform to a realistic person; you will notice happier to be the opposite one.
I'm realistic person, long long time ago, and i wonder was i ever an idealistic one? *sob* *sob*