Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

I have lots and lots of topic to write actually, but I realize I don't want to stare at computer screen after I started working, coz this is what I've been doing in my work.

Talking about the last day, I don't feel it at all. It's not an end, not a beginning...just bland.

This year is definitely an unusual year for me.

I'm not single anymore this year, gain a soul mate, but subconsciously I lost something I probably don't even know what is that.

I went to Liverpool, it's like a dream for me. Missing the place? Of course HELL ya! But what can I do? I'm lucky enough to get to go there, it's like a dream come true. I'm glad enough, and I think it's's colorful and fruitful enough.

I graduated...with a not so happy result. It'll remain as a spot in my life forever. I know the fact that result is not everything. But hey, will you don't feel a thing after you spent 30k to thousands miles away to study, and yet getting a fucked up result? I felt the pain.

Found a job, the job I like the most. I guess I'm lucky enough to read some interview tips the day before I interview... Now starting the new life in this company, trying to mix around with the people around. Luckily, few of them is actually taking good care of me, and I'm glad with that. Hopefully next year will be a better year.

Kinda heavy hearted today, don't know why. Perhaps I talked to someone about things I don't want to mention. Hopefully today will be a good night.

Going to steamboat with friends later, I miss the old days certainly.
I miss you all...miss the day we don't need to wake up at 6, miss the vanity of happiness.

Tonight's gonna be a good night!

Bye 2009!

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