Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I guess I've abandon my blog like...forever?
So before it rots better for me to update at least one post.
I don't know why am I so lazy to update, but I guess is because of my lifeless life.
After awake from my UK dream, everyone seems to have their own life, their own things to do.
No more alwayssticktogether thing as a gang.
Some are busy courting girls, some are busy hanging out with their another half, some are looking for jobs...

I guess I was busy 'waiting' for a job.
I don't really know what to do and what to expect for a job at first...
I'm seriously not intended to go into production, although I love it, but for long term wise, Production work can't feed myself and my family.
I see how my friends being exploited by some big glamorous regional media company, and I realise how bad this industry treats us the freshies.
I understand that they feel lucky and happy being able to work in those well known company, and able to learn things at the same time.
I never worked as a production member before, so I guess I have no right to comment on that.
But what I can tell is production work is so far away from what I imagine my future would be.

For more than a month I've been job hunting, I roughly have an idea what I want as my career.
To put it in short...'5 DAYS A WEEK AND PAYS WELL'
Which is bull shit because everyone wants that kind of job...
OK, so put it this way...'5 DAYS A WEEK AND PAYS WELL PLUS IS MEDIA RELATED' sounds better now.

I admit that I kinda phobia with workaholic life style...
Seeing my friend dedicate her life to a company, handle pressures and being back stabbed by others is not a good thing.
But I guess working for something I really passionate ain't a bad thing....perhaps.

The first job I interview is Nuffnang.
Oh Nuffnang Oh Nuffnang!!!
I've been reading the founder's blog like...for a year?
I really admire his capability and the creativity of the company.
But one thing I really regret is this is my FIRST interview, which I screwed up quite badly.
I was nervous, pretended to be calm....I say something silly...and I sounds like a blog reader fan meeting the blogger rather than an interviewee...which is BAD BAD BAD.

The second interview is totally a disaster.
Like every other freshies out there, I am prepared for the interview.
Dress up like a corporate lady, walk straight, survey about the company, print out map in case I get lost, went to the company 2 hours earlier to avoid jam....
That morning I feel awful and I even stopped at one of the LRT station to vomit, but all I can vomit is just some liquid...
With my shaking leg and strenghtless body, I get into a cab and go for the place.
I paid freaggin RM 14 for the cab if I'm not mistaken...and the distance is only less than 5 minutes!
Well, if I get to find a good job, I don't mind paying that.
So after I went in, I filled up some forms, and there this lady who looks like some director or manager to interview me.
The first question strikes me :'now, show me your portfolio.'
I'm like...'HUH?'
ps: btw, it's an event management company.

'What portfolio?' (she wouldn't be interested in what drama or ads i shoot before rite)
'What event you did in the past?'

She is obviously never notice I'm a fresh grads.
From the way she ask me questions, I can feel that she has a very strong personality, and should be a mad career lady.
She didn't ask me many questions, but just all sorts of hardship and problems to deal with when I'm in the position.
'Do you think you can handle the stress? Work for long hours? In a very tough environment? Handling all sorts of details?' ( In a very pushy way, without a single smile on her face)
'I think maybe yes..." (how the hell I would know I never work before leh!)
'I don't want to waste your time and my time, I don't want maybe, give me a YES OR NO.'

the conclusion of the interview is....She is not looking for an employee, she's looking for a trainee...a really cheap trainee (She offers me 1.3k with immediate start, start working on that day itself! She said that 1.3k is really a lot, she get application for degree student for 1k salary.) to do all the work for her.
Well..typical cina beng company.
But hey!!! with your 'generous' would I able to survive in PJ!!!! I think my pay is probably lesser than a promoter lo =.=

After this interview...I get totally defeated.
Is this how much I worth?
Worked so hard to get a degree, this is how much I worth?

I'm not picky in choosing job, but at least the job at least have to enable me to feed myself and some savings..most importantly is to pay my loans.
JT keep saying I'm picky in job...but what I don't want is being exploited when you know you worth more than this.
Another reason is I don't want production work, which I explained earlier.

The following week, whole week I get no call for interview, in stead I followed JT to all of his interviews.
I normally can gao dimed my interview in less than 20 minutes, the most 30 minutes...but JT's interview all longer than an hour!
And I think he is probably very sincere in the interview, the interviewer tend to explains everything to him, which I think is a good thing, rather than some who just want to hire a 1.3k cheap labour.
And good for him, he got a not bad offer, and I thinks this is a very potential field, the MOST important thing is...the company shows sincerity in hiring him, not to bully freshies.

That week I really felt the pressures...
I send resume like mad and log in to most of the career websites.
Even one of my interviewee said she received 3 of my resume ! LOL.
The next week has been interview madness...up to today, I went for 5 interviews, and 3 more lining up until next Monday.

The weather is really cold these days...I feel like falling sick anytime.
Maybe that's the reason I felt so tired to attend to interview.

JT working as freelance before his work, so no more driver for me.
Waiting like a SH in KLCC Isetan office today really doze me off....
but this is interview...what to do?
If I could I would just walk off and say F you! I'll get a better offer than you!
But a beggar ain't a chooser rite?

Tomorrow I got a 2nd interview from a company that I really like.
It's a online ads company, less bitchiness than other ads firm i think.
Hopefully I can get a confirmation this week *finger crossed* and I can stop interviewing.

Please....don't fall sick =.=

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Wei Xiang said...

haha Raisin! this blog got the farnie de lor! xD but anyway, i really hope u can get a good offer and land a job that at least if you're not that happy with, pays u well enough to keep all their rubbish in check ;)

and yes, memang mostly only Chinese owned companies exploit employees gao gao (pay like shit, work like shit; so in the end, si beh kanasai! so, also shit.) but then again, can't be too critical =) i've heard some Chinese bosses aren't too bad.

and you know what? my ex-boss said if i hire someone for 2.5, i'd want him to work something that is worth 5, or better yet, 10.

really CHEE-BYEEEE =.= and foreign workers always say kena exploit ... u say how lah NOT to get exploited if got ppl think like that? LoL!