Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A new page

I have a mix feeling now. Read Mun Yi's and Szetoo's blog...totally different mood.
Szetoo is so happy and satisfy with her life with her guardian angel, the sparks from her face can't hide the joy she's enjoying. She have everything a girl wanted for life; a soul mate, career, love, family...
I'm so glad she can be what she is today, she totally deserve a life like this. I feel so good for her :)
Somehow she is motivating me to get a life like this! What else can be better when you love your job, not tiring doing it everyday, and the most important thing is working hard with the person that you won't tired of seeing for the rest of your life!
This is what I can do by not blogging with my own computer...curi from FB. Courtesy of wx.

Mun Yi has been moody for weeks. She's a cute girl whom I always adore her. She used to be so cheerful, so happy and energetic. Reading her blog is totally different mood from who she used to be. Family problems and jobs problems bothering her I guess. Didn't know much about the details, but I really hope her problem can be solved and be happy again. She is such a sweet girl, doesn't deserve to go through all these pain. I probably won't understand how much pain she gone through, and I'm not going to say 'I know...', because only she knows. We were trying to support her, trying to cheer her up, but just don't know how.
Again, curi from FB. This is how lazy I am.

I think all of us have moody days, one of those days that you don't feel like talking or seeing anyone. The mood just worsen by digging a hole and bury yourself in sadness. The most recent time i felt like this was the time i get my LJMU result, sucks. Every time anyone mentioned about this I'll just feel like run away or just bang myself hard on the wall.
But hey...I can't do anything to make things up, regret is the only thing I can do to compensate myself, and perhaps earn more $$ in the future to pay my parents back.
But my problem is NOTHING compare to Mun Yi. She is ok to be sad, emotions and feelings needed to let go, or else like what I said, bury yourself in your own sadness doesn't do any good.
Cheer up Mun Yi! I know it's hard...and I don't even know 'how' hard it is, but we are here to support you. Do whatever you feel right, and don't give up on life! You were one of the most passionate person I ever met, don't let this spirit die!

I went to interview this afternoon. Didn't think of sending resume and interviewing so soon. But this is a job that I really want, perhaps I adore the energy and spirit of a young company has. I met the founder of the company, I think he's 24 years old. A very young but charismatic person. Though I might not get the job, but I glad I tried.

Working for bread is not easy, I guess for us nothing can beat loving what you doing. But sadly most of the people is doing what they needed to, and wait for payroll at the end of month. But well, this is a realistic society, it's ok if the figure on the cheque can pay all the bills and still able to afford a sushi fest once in a while...I mean, sushi in supermarket, you know...half price Isetan sushi =.=

I want to make a million!!!

I'm so looking forward to next Tuesday yay!


Tammy-C-My said...

You don't know how much I want you to get the JOB TOO WEI SIN!! haha...
I really wish u good luck!! not tat u need it...You're good so believe it.

I know you'll njoy the job one. Such a young n vibrant team, from reading the website I know. Really hope u get the job! Haha..=D

Things are getting better for me. I believe so. Thanks for your comments in my blog. You've been a fantastic friend. You dont knw how much it means jz u & the others being there. I mean i din really get a chance to tell u everything but juz knwing tat u guys are there is really good enough.

I truly believe things are getting better for me also lar haha...I'm summoning the lights! Still not enjoying work so I think I will quit soon. Cannot tahan 2 years though the bosses are okay lar.I mean it's so not what i imagine. Sales. Maybe it's my problem lo. I might regret later haha.

Anyway we all jz hope for the best. Update me on ur job k! Take carez girl!!
Happy for Sze2 Huh...sigh haha

szetooweiwen said...

yerr you know what or not. that day we all sms sms then i think eh why you never reply me then i thought okaylah maybe you busy edy. but then this morning i go through my SMS drafts and the SMS that i thought i send you is still there -__-

anyway, i heard that nuffnang's a cool team, i really hope you get it, can travel here there, meet interesting people :) eh don't think my life so great lor, just that i didn't share the 'bad' stuff that's why you all only see the good side. but i always try to be positivelah a lot of things not easy, some more i'm the kind of person who gets emo very very easily and i sometimes have to force myself go out and socialize with others. if not i will just keep to myself all the time.

you can do it! jia you okay, i believe you'll get the best! good people are always rewarded :) next week meet up want or not??

weisin said...

Szetooweiwen I want meet up!!! :)
Hhahah...I tot you were busy so din msg u back.
Last few days I was talking to Hui Hsien, she said god always fair to most of the people. You get brains, then mostly you have no boobs and beauty. When you get boobs and beauty, you might be brainless. But szetoo have both lo!LOL! But we LOVE you :)

I just hope that I can get the job, yesterfay i turned down an interview..something related to customer service..I think customer service is my last resort if I don't get any job offer.

Mun Yi!!!!
I know things not going to smooth these days, but don't give up!! You can get a better one I promise! Let's jiayou together!!!

miapatra said...

Raisin aka weisin =p
don't go for customer service, it is like torturing your degree and all your hard works did in dip, ad-dip and LJMU. Though jobs are ain't easy to get; good jobs are even harder to have. No matter how you will find a job, just depends on how long time you'd waited. Of cause "time needed to get a job" is very subjective, some might goes for week, months or even years; but do you think you really need years or months to get a good job?
I'm jobless too; I'm doing job hunting too, but I'm not going to get a job just for the sake of not to be jobless.
Work to settle down financial-monetary problems; not to get more monetary problem after get the job. That's why i'm still jobless and being fei-cai. haha
( i need to pay loan and support my family, certain level of same stresses we have) =p
good luck, to you and to myself, and to all peers who still doing job hunting.

szetooweiwen said...

walau how nice if got the Triple-Bs! but sadly i really don't have boobs and beauty (luckily we all walk straight if not airplanes will always land on me) and i really don't mind. when im younger i always want to be pretty lor but then when i get older and see so many bimbos and bitches around (the brainless type hor) i realize how truly beautiful plain people with hearts are. no matter how pretty and smart a person is, if they treat others badly and don't love their family, they are actually the ugliest people in the world.

that's why when i see people with D cup or G cup i don't mind that's cos most of the time their results also the same hahaha, okay i damn bad. EH I AGREE WITH MIA, DONT GO AND DO CUSTOMER SERVICE I TELL YOU AHHHHH.

go overseas study so hard, don't go and get this kind of job. not worth it for you, you're worth so much more. people will see your value wan, just be patient. now memang quite susah to get job but don't give up! i sometimes feel bad that i already have a job, cant complain together gether with you all. but trust me, you all will do better :)