Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It's mah birthday today!!! Wheee!!! I mean...yesterday!!
Was celebrating with 'almost' all the broadcast gang, and new friends this year!
I thought of my previous birthday today, it was a ROCKS too, but I don't have such a huge gang previous year.
This year I 'm happy! With different people, different friends, and most important, a person who love me and willing to gather all these people for me!

This year other than BC gang, there are few very very nice PR gals joining the crowd, they are very lovely. JT also brough his best buddies to the dinner, glad to know them, although I might bored them =.=
CNX gang is lesser this year, only Tian Xin and Vincent came, but I'm glad they came, because it means so much to me. Birthday will never be the same without best friends:)

I miss these people so much...everyone of them. Most of us didn't meet each other after europe trip, or after the summer programme thingy ends. Fang Jing and Yoke Man even kissed me!
I'm so glad to see them all, glad that they willing to celebrate birthday with me.

Pai Wah gang and KK, Derique, Sook Teng, JT and me went to my favourite activity--Sing Kay!!
It's so fun!!! it's been 4 months I never been to sing Kay! I miss the mic so much...i realise I am getting worst in singging =.=

After Pizza session, we went to snooker. I'm not a 'ball' person, I just watch the guys play. Sorry Vincent, drag you here :P
After that the guys continue with online game, me, Jing, Man, Ash and Janet went to mamak lepak. they are such a funny people!

This year I receive quite a lot of presents, from all of them.
First of all the cake is lovely, and so does all the presents :)
the most creative one should be the Raisin...Sun Maid Raisin babeh!
I was like.....burst into laugh when I see that.!
Those cards I get are very funny!Hilarious! I love mah friends!

I just read Mun Yi's blog, I really glad that she's came. Too bad Szetoo didn't make it..i miss her too ;(
Mun Yi was quite upset with her siblings. Who said a smart and happy girl can't be emo sometimes? But Mun yi you know, siblings is mean to be more direct in showing feelings. They are person who grow up with you, that's why we wouldn't afraid to show them our real faces. This is what friends can't do, that's why they are irreplaceable. Friends can fake a smile and say she's ok, eventhough she's having trouble or problems. It might not be a bad thing, but there is a litttle bit distance between siblings and friends. I believe your brother and sister are just having one of those days...moody, don't feel like talking, feel like escaping, hate to sit at know...teenagers?
Don't worry, everyting gonna be fine, and I believe you will do great in your work, as well as the relationship with friends and families.

Last few days I was thinking to write a proper blog to Mun Yi...but I was upset because of my result, that's why I didn't wrote it. But what I want Mun Yi to know is she's a very special one to me and JT. I am not a person who use to ask help from people, academically especially. I always need to be independence in study, that's why I seldom ask people for help in my studies, and that's the reason why I always get an average result in class.
But Mun Yi is the first person I really ask for advice and we help each other in discussing and checking. I still feel hesitate to ask you for help even after some times, but when you ask for my opinion, I know I don't need to be hesitate :)
I heard from JT how good you are to me, million thanks to you.
Please don't say you're selfish again, you are not. From what I know you are not the definition of selfish! Really appreciate your selfishless help all these while (although I screw up my course works and my marks), I disappoint myself and you...feel so helpless in this. But anyway...I can't do anything with this, just accept it and hopefully i can improve myself.
I need to learn to be more careful in work and better observationskill...perhaps driving skill too!

Thanks everyone for celebrating with me! *bow*

Thanks Liew Jia Teng wo de dear who arrange this for me and the present! :) *hugs & kisses*

ps:Picture will be updating soon! I think I just hate to upload...


Tammy-C-My said...

the rai sin sunmaid raisin babeh mz be bopet! or derique...
anyway glad u enjoy ur birthday lol. And thanks for the beautiful msg and advice abt siblings. u know u r rite. Though i dun get them sum times, most of the time i can be truly myself when wf them. It's true. So so true what u say.
AND GIRL! PLZ U SHOULDN'T THINK THAT YOU'VE DISSAPPOINT ME OR MORE IMPORTANTLY URSELF! I mean, I think u sud be so so proud because u've done ur best & fight!
We are all happy & proud of u. C ya ard k. =P

jiateng said...

sook teng didnt join us in Sing K la aunty....
Bopet and Hsien did!!!