Monday, March 16, 2009

The most chee siin online thingy!

This is my awful experience logging in black board.

6.05pm- Start logging in.

6.30pm-Madness. Cannot find any 'FORUM' at all!

7.20 pm-'FORUM' found, I can't find it because it just never show up (loading forever) on the left hand side.

7.49pm-Clicking in 'INTRODUCTION'. Loading and loading and hanged.

7.54pm- Finally I saw NAMES on the page. Clicking in the other page trying to find my name. Loading.

7.57pm- Still loading. Chatting with FW (Complaining actually ><)

7.58pm- Still....according to FW it's something to do with heavy rain justnow. Which I don't know why because there was no rain yesterday and I still can't log in. Or streamyx? Or whatever...==


8.06pm- Resresh. Loading stopped.

8.17pm- All over again. Great.

What kind of stupid server is this?
I heard that we have to post a introduction before today 12pm or else we are going to be barred BECAUSE WE DIDN'T POST AN INTRO.



4.05 pm- Trying to open the student page, failed.

7.00pm- Try again. Failed.

11.15pm- Try again. Failed.

11.20pm- Try on my brother's and my housemate's computer. Failed.

I believe that the heavy traffic of the server cannot accomodate so many students doing posting at the same time. So I think I just gonna do it the other day.

But the email freak us out.
The only thing i can do by that time is to call FW to help us out, since she is the one I know who have no problem with the intranet.

What kind of insanity is this?

I don't think is my network of anything to do with my bandwidth.

I opened facebook, no prob.
Even XiaXue's blog that usually took up more time to load also seems ok.
So what on earth happened to the intranet??????
Or blackboard just turned to white board?

Days become stressfull and shitty since LJMU thing starts.
Hate this kind of feeling .

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Wei Xiang said...

"Days become stressfull and shitty since LJMU thing starts.
Hate this kind of feeling."

pls add: lack of sleep =) thank u! lol!