Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glimpse of light.


Is there anything call post PMS? PPMS?

These days things get jumbled up.
Uncertainties, uneasiness, despair, nerves, confusion, and pretty much of dissapointment wandering around my mind.

What is the purpose of life?

What is the purpose of getting so much trouble in dealing with people just to lead myeslf to more trouble? More despair perhaps?

Why are there such foolish that can hurt others and make things more complicated, and yet know nothing about human's feeling at all?

Thinking of covering my friend's pet site, but not in this joyful mood at the moment.

Everything just grey...


Get back my empty phone, as empty as my mind when I saw the phone.

Years of memories, loads of happy and sad, tons of cares and tender.
All gone in a blink.
Tearing in silence, but nothing help, it's gone.

Getting back my phone doesn't make any good to make up my day, but it just got worst.

Cloudy day tonight.


It's an art to communicate with people, where I am always not good in this.
It's an highly sophisticated form of art.
Not to say to becoming noble.
We can never be.

Just the art of interact with people, knowing each other heart and cares for others deeply from the heart.

There are people who born with the charisma. Wherever they go they will have the spotlight of the crowd. People will wait for this kind of people to take the lead. Whenever this people say something, the rest will remain silent, adoringly listen to what he says.

There are people who like to be alone. Quiet and normal, never wants to have a taste of being everyone's sweetheart, but just enjoy the ordinary me. Nothing bad about this, at least they are happy with who they are, and just need not to being a follower, nor a leader.

There are people who wanted to be someone so hard. But this kind of people has no power to sway other people, will forever become a follower, supporter. Opinion just become mute from their mouth, no one is listening to your words. Ignorence is not on a purpose, but this fellow just born with this...something. Not being able to let other people hear your voice. Once in a while, when you yell out your words, and people just happen to stop talking and listening to your word, they have no idea how amazing you are! But after that things goes back the same, again.

Knowing how huge impact one's word can be.
It's like a sword, viperish, hurting the innocent one.
It might not be a conspiracy no.
But unintentional words, or action can mean so much to someone cares about you so much.
This is the first time I saw someone take this so seriously.

Maybe this is not the first time for me, I'm getting use to it actually. I can get comfortable within days.
But for someone who truly want to be your friend, get hurts, badly.


It's time for you to open up.
Forget the past.
Get use to it, and soon you'll understand the meaning of everything.
Life is a circle.
People come and go, time past, we learn.
Shitty things do happen sometimes, but no one can stop you for being who you are, and how lovely you will always be.
Let go for what winding your heart.
Look further, there's lots more blissful thing.
There will be something over the rainbow, just let the rain falls, and you're not alone.

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Wei Xiang said...

"Shitty things do happen sometimes"

=) tagline for my blog, which is really quite true in most cases isn't it?

hope the winds will start talking to each other and blow away all the gray clouds; because it is covering an amazing view of blue skies behind it =)