Monday, March 9, 2009

Lucky unlucky

Not so good these few days.

I can get angry with things easily [or many things make me angry at once?] , and get tired easily ==

Go to hell PMS, you guys will never understand the annoyance of being a girl, especially when you have problem with your 'best friend' ==

After a long walk under the boiling hot sun, everything turns hot.

First is my phone showing me color.
Then is my brother showing me color.
And then everyone showing me color. I.Q Bal especially.

He make me damn potong stim don't feel like going to UK anymore.

When I get my phone I have so many problems, but i sorted it out one by one. And just when I feel like my phone is problem free, it gives me problem AGAIN!

For one moment, I told myself:" Am I suppose to change the god damn phone, since it shows me I'm not a Nokia user?"


No phone now since 2 days not use to it ==

Baby please come back to me!!

So not right these few days. Everything is messy, everything is not in order, everything is out of my expectation, everything makes me wanna scream and yell for no reason.

Talking to the only sibling who stay so close to me but never got an answer.

This is one thing I really furious about.
[I really don't know what am I writing now and I am very ( ) at the moment...]

People are funny . Even sometimes I am funny I know.

I just have to learn, learn how to take things easily.

Hopefully I can be Lindsay Lohan in Just My Luck, luckier than ever.

Uncertain about future, feels damn useless now.
I'm 21 (going to be 22), still not earning any bread for home.
Have a brother that more uncertain about future than me.
And he probably will change course, meaning my parents have to spend more money for his education. [not guarantee will have return on his investment]

Living in my 4m X4m small bird cage, messy and untidy.
Clueless about what to do in the future, what can I do in the future.
Wanting to hang out with friends everytime, looking for fun, irresponsible for my own life.
Taking money from parents every month, and my dad have to work even he already exceed his age of retirement.
Never done anything that make me proud of myself, or let my parents proud of me.
I can't promise that I can pay back for what my parents had pay for me, even though I receive more and better education than both of them.


I wanna have my own car by 24, my own house before 27, my career before 30, sending parents for Europe trip before 28, clear up my PTPTN loan before 28, have my first 5 digit FD in my bank before 26, pay back my parents at least 1k per month.

Unrealistic I know, but not unreachable.

First you have to put aside your dream, your interest, and you have to work like a donkey 24/7, hope for a promotion, work late for another 5 years, hope for another promotion, and save enough money to do investment. Live like anyone else in the city, dream about what you crave for in the past. Being a Normal boring and nerd white collar. And that's all.

Emo =.=


Park said... is like one galah...

dont treat life so seriously...

good luck and all the best in your life

szetooweiwen said...

sad but true :(
this entry of yours really hit me. i dont want to grow up and start working, so much responsibilities. but i guess we all have to go there.

Wei Xiang said...

PMS truly sucks =(

get happy again soon and we'll all go for ice cream!

Any day is a good day for McD's Sundae!

*i know ... lame tagline. spare me =P*

jiateng said...

Sometimes, sundae can cure our feeling, but not our bad memory....