Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My thoughts on Snap Chat

I've been hearing this since...late last year.
Downloaded it, deleted it, install again, delete again.
Till the 3 time, where I need this for work, I force to install again.

I'm trying to explore this app, basically it's instant, much more instant than instagram, huge video platform and pure random.


These are my thoughts on this mega million app and soon to be bigger.

This app represent every millennial.
Short, instance, temporary.
Attention spend for young people are short, Snap chat make it as short as possible, even video you made people watch is short enough to pay attention. This reflected youngster nowadays believe in something temporary, something just happen in a glimpse. No one wants to remember you and have you as a memory.

No one is memory, they are just ...passerby.
I saw you eating lunch, doing homework, partying. But I don't want to remember you.
You are just another pretty girl with extra pretty filter, staring at you for 15 sec, that's all.

No string attach, no interaction, no like, no feeling, no nothing. Just passerby.

For people who posted things up.

I just want people to see me, regardless you see me or not.
I just want to broadcast to the world about my pathetic zhap fan and tell you, 'look, my zhap fan is better than your's'

I do not need your comment, do not need to interact with you, I just want to post this up, and move on with life. Or move on by watching other people's life.

Nothing will lingers after that. No memories, no bread crumbs, just a 'noted' and there even isn't any 'noted' gesture to show.

It's a generation of individualistic.
It's an era where people have confident, have options and choices, you can do whatever you want.

I'm from the era where we have limited digital resources. Something not worth a memory or impact not worth that expensive dial up internet data. That's why we have floppy disk, CD ROM, DVD burner, USB and etc.

I used to save up all my favorite MTV from my fav boy band so I can repeat again.

Technology move on, people changed, lifestyle changed.

People are spoil with choices. And everyone trying to grab everyone's attention. Be it a stupid attention or not. I just want that 15 sec of your life, and look at me.

Our communication pattern of the coming generation will change too.
But to something more impromptu, more spontaneous, random (Hipster) and nothing...worth to stay.

Instant messages not meant to stay, pictures, video and memories, nothing can make a stand.

You don't need to study this person's past because there is no past.

Looking at how people adapting to technology make me sad.

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