Friday, July 1, 2016

Loving me

Hello from bkk! The land of smiles, good food, great people, shopping and massage!

I had lots of fun here with the girls, it's good to take away my mind for a while, to a totally new environment to not think about negativity.

But there's still a hole inside. I don't think it fix anything at all, but I just keeping myself busy busy busy.
I love shopping but it's not that's satisfying.

There's post shopping conversation between the girls, about treating ourselves right, embracing ourselves with the best treatment and feel good.

It's so foreign to me!

They disbelieve that I don't know the feeling of feeling great about my own body, my outlook and do things that make you feel that way.

I like myself, but I not sure whether I love myself. Maybe that's why people feel the same towards me.
I treat myself right but not the best.
There's too many imperfection that I don't think I work hard enough to love myself.

So action plan: to love myself. By becoming the person I like.

First off the list: diet.

I'm always self conscious about the way I look, the way I dress, what I wear.
Shopping here these few days Manley me realize how much I have changed. I used to not think about the outcome, just buy because it's cheap. But now I do.

Settle weight problem probably can bring back some confidence.

I think I used to be confident. But not anymore, it's gone with the music and gone for a very long time.

Secondly: be confident.

Walk with chest up, chin up, firm footstep and smile.
Don't forget to smile.

Thirdly: be interesting

Be random, be interesting, be someone that is entertaining, don't be negative. Turn into someone everyone like to be with. Become someone who can start random conversations anytime anywhere.
Be interesting.

I like you, myself. I just doesn't like you enough to love you.

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