Sunday, March 20, 2016

New resolutions in Q1

Hello world!
Recently I've been thinking a lot.
What do I want to do to spend my last 20s?
Come on, I have only one 20s in my life, do I want to be...just that?

So I've been observing, thinking, watching and more thinking.
I want to do something...different.

1. I want to learn guitar, or pick up a new instrument. Watched a couple of guitar tutorials, ain't that bad! I don't believe I can't do this. #challengeaccepted

Will get my guitar SOON.

2. Learn how to cycle again. People said once you learn how to ride a bicycle, you will never forget. The truth is...this is INCORRECT! I fell the hell out of my ass in Hua Hin while I handsomely thought that I still know how to ride a bike. In fact I just keep on falling back to the bush. And those who sees me from the hotel, You're welcome. Free show, take that. #nooneknowsmeanyway

So why not learn how to cycle again, I'm sure is not that hard, just...fall down a few more times, try to avoid the longkang, cover my face and protect my knees. I think I won't die doing that.

3. I want to go JAPAN.
I have so many reservations to go Japan again. Money, company, timing, season bla bla bla..
I miss Japan a lot, and not like I can't afford to go, I can still travel cheap-ly. So...I'll just GO.
Regardless who I go with, or go alone. I'll go JAPAN THIS YEAR.


I should spend my last year of 20s wisely. Give myself a graduation present for being a big girl.
Can't wait!!

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