Thursday, February 4, 2016

Little things I need to improve this year

I snapped easily, all this while. People who know me know thinks that I am a bunny with that Bitch face on. But trust me, or ask my brother. I SNAP, all the time.

I used to fight with my brother quite badly because I always angry at him.
I get angry with the world, get angry when I was little why I'm not grown up, get angry when adults tease me fat, piss off when people ask me to do things, serve drink etc.

Reality teach me that the world doesn't evolve around me, I'm nothing. Lay low and just please everyone, as many as you can.

Recently I met one very interesting person. A totally opposite person who I am greatly disagree with.
He choose to ignore his root, he choose to insist on one thing he believe, he choose not to give in, not to tolerate with other because 'he believe so'. He even disrespect his grandparents because he refuse to give in.

In this society... there's really too many situation that we need to change, give in, tolerate, and improvise. Insist on something in one thing, why can't you be considerate when come to socializing?
I don't agree with this, BIG TIME.

However, that aside, back to the title.

I need a small resolution, or rather things I need to do.

1. Learn not to care about many things, too much.
- I already learn not to care about work too much, maybe a bit lesser.
- Step back
- When things are not in your way, give way and move on

2. Resting bitch face must be improved

3. Steady, not to be too emo

4. Be cool, be me, be interesting again. Be the person I'm proud to be, and be the person I want other people to look up to.

Not too hard right?

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