Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New year what? Resolution?

So I'm not in the mood to write a new year resolution this year, but let's see how much I've accomplished for last year resolution. Reading back is quite funny.

1. To keep up with healthy lifestyle
I hate to lose weight last time, because I've been using the wrong method. starving myself and very little exercise. Now that I found the correct way, I feel good even though my progress is super slow,  and my weight have been stagnant at 60kg for quite a few months now. But who cares, I feel good, feel my muscle toner, self impressed by my tiny weenie abs line, and most importantly I'm not emo!


2. Work harder for the right reason
Work harder-- I told myself. But this year I will work harder for the right reason. Working hard doesn't mean anything. This year has been an eventful awful year, a lot of effort have washed down the drain. Now I need to think wiser, work harder for the right reason.

Maybe I worked less harder now, should work harder again this year.

3. Smile more
Many people who don't know me will think I must be the fiercest person in the entire building, something bad must be happened to me.
I. HAVE. SHIT. FACE, I mean naturally my face is shitty.
It's hard...to smile, so I must smile more so less people will think I'm a crazy bitch.


4. Read more meaningful stuff
I really dislike reading. But this is the only way to be more intelligent, so not forcing to read 'book', but anything which is nutritious.

Hard to judge for this, but for sure I'm not reading 'BOOK'.

5. Cook in a more presentable manner
I love cooking, but I always cook in the more convenient way, with least utensils possible, and no presentation at all. I shall learn how to cook more presentable food.

Improving, can be better.

6. Feel grateful
This year has been quite bad. When I say bad, is really bad. I had so much emotions all the time, but after that I learn to be grateful. It could be worst. So I should do this even better this year.

Not bad, I'm quite grateful for what I have. Occasionally emo but let's blame it on hormone.

7. Invest in myself
One of the article I read, the common thing that successful people have, is they love to invest in themselves. To keep improving, to make yourself more valuable. This year, I must sign up to at least ONE flower arrangement class, the rest can add to the list.

Nope, haven't invest in myself yet.

8. Spend more time with family
Another year older, another year wiser. I should spend more time, go back hometown more frequently while I can.

Failed. Didn't went back home town as frequent as last time.

9. Spend less money on food
Step one to save money. Stop spending so much on food and groceries.

Yeah for this I did it! I throw less rotten food than last time.

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