Sunday, November 1, 2015

So you think you can be nice?

Yeah, you read it right. The nature of my job is full of selfish people and bad competition.
I might be too naive at first, but I always bear in mind that people are not always think the same as me. They might be little bit more evilish than me but heck, I just want to be nice to people and do my job.

From all my previous job, they are non sales related. People genuinely are nice and not that selfish. Probably they are self centered for certain purpose, KPI for example, but not that selfish.

I began to recognition the fact that I be nice to people, doesn't mean a shit. Being nice= I can be bullied. Being nice means I'm harmless.

And hence, different color from different faces appeared. Some murdered you at the back, and smile at you in front.

Some murdered you and not smiling at you, and you realize you're dead meat long after.

The amateur one tried to stab you front and back, and you found out. And still you need to smile at them, just because it's your job to do so.

In few years time is either I turn to become one of them, or I can't take this shit anymore and walk away. To get out of this, is either you climb, climb to the top and become someone, or walk away.

People used to tell me that there are no friends in work place. Guessed I'm spoilt by good people who treated me real nice in all my previous job.

I miss having team mates and ally, who I can trust and we open with each other. We love each other and we achieve the same goal. We selflessly help each other because we can.

Time to grow up girl!

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