Monday, September 21, 2015

People changed, me too.

It's funny to think back how much I've changed... like really a lot.

First of all, physically.

2013...damn fat!

2011!Normal sized!
2009...I think my face don't change much.

Enough of myself.

I dislike lots of stuff last time. Furry pets, flowers, men, house chores, cooking etc.

Funny how people changes.

I love all of the above now!
I love flowers, it's a weekly affair although it's wasting money. I feel delighted every morning when I see fresh flowers on the table, and that satisfying feeling when I manage to get a fresh bouquet of flowers.

I used to walk away from dog, as far as possible. But now it's my dream to have a big dog of my own!
Where I can walk my dog, pet him when I back home, someone who I can commit to his life.

I'm excited to know what is ahead of me, how much I will change in another 10 years time.
I hope I am slimmer in 10 years time :)

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