Thursday, July 24, 2014


And so, time is ticking.
Time was never an issue for us, when we are still so young, and we thought we will be forever young.

This whole year I've been indulging myself in stubborn decision and wrong move. And there goes my 27 years old. A year I so eager to fly, and yet I'm quiet like a still water.

Just visited a friends' blog few min ago, and I feel only love in between her lines. No cover up, no fancy words, it's just like highschool girl deeply in love. Dare to admit, dare to say LOVE.
It's just so simple.

It's nothing wrong to love madly, or love normally.
I'm definitely took too much time to figured a way to work well with each other. We rely each other on different thing, and I think we manage to find a balance in between. And among those are a lot of patience, adaptation and getting to know all over again.


Been quiet lately, and I'm going to have Raya break start form tomorrow.
I can easily think nothing and be like a melon at home tomorrow.

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