Friday, June 20, 2014

When it's all good

Been abandon here for quite some times, here's the drama recently...

1. The BF was admitted to hospital

It happened one day before his first day of work, had severe abdomen pain.
At first we thought it's just normal stomachache, turn out to be much serious pain after few days of observation.

The stomach is bloated like delivering baby, and it never gone better. No food or water for 4 days, then doctor decided to operate on him. Doctor removed a 1 feet long sausage from his intestine, and appear to be extra intestine since born.

Total fasting of 9 days straight, now slowly recovering with soft solid food. Good improvement and good weight lost.

2. Days in the Better side

Just and more training.
And the fact that not all product is compatible with each other, the training can only take one at a time. Many of the products are conflicting in each others' interest.

Life is quite...peaceful and free...
Which I can only enjoy for a few days. After that is boring and panic.

Panic for stuck in here. And many struggle in ideology, policies and the way it works.
I tried to imagine thousand times, how to mold myself here, but there's so many argument within myself I can't persuade the innerself.

3. Look forward

Something to look forward to on the bright side.
I have 2 trips coming up, Oct to Taiwan with the girls, and Nov with the poor bf.
Hopefully he's all well by that time and can eat whatever he wants.

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