Sunday, May 11, 2014

360 change

Picture is totally irrelevant. The reason I'm putting this is to make myself happier :)
Remark: I'm not particularly sad, just... very disturbed.

To sum up my recent exciting daily activity and my anticipation, is to crawl up in my couch and watch Suit till the night turns too dark.

It's my daily escape, inspiration and also hope.
To be someone like THAT. Someone who wins, who can snap  a finger and things will work out.
It's an inspiration as well to be someone important, a future person, long sighted visionaries.

Well enough of my obsession.

Been working up and down like a busy bee, for a way out.
I realize things happen if only I allow them to happen. I will succeed if I willing to do so.
All these non relevant dramas and ups downs are not going to affect me. These are just my lesson to learn.


But ya, what else to do other than think positively?
Opportunities are there, I just grab the wrong one. Now is my pay back time and I'm glad it come early.

I told everyone the same thing, I'm good. I just need someone to certified me.
I once let go of the one and only mentor I had, and now I'm on my own and have to make sure what I gave up is worth the while.

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