Friday, August 1, 2014

Square one

I never been feeling so stuck before.

It's like when you're listening to song, and your pc is performing blue screen, and the song in fraction keep repeating.

It's annoying isn't it?

I am this stuck. Moving no where, fading away from the old friends.

One failed interview experience ruin everything. Probably the most annoying experience I had so far.
So to cut the story short, I went to an interview which sounds super 150% promising, went through the second round, did a full round office introduction, talked about job scope and details. They asked me not to confirm with anyone. They want me.


You can call this insult, embarrassment, no reply, drop off, or I'm ego too big.
I am actually.

I'm defeated by this 'silent reply', and you can't imagine how much it hit me.
Not a big tight slap, it's slowly sink in, slowly but killing.

Am I that bad, and I don't deserve a proper reply?

But good thing about it, is that now I know they don't value people, don't value me. It could be a good thing happen to me.

Moving forward, look up and march. Stop thinking negative and hopefully my stucked mind will flush out like toilet bowl.

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