Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Something in this world happen not by chance, not by arrangement, not by effort. Is by nature.
Just like how new born baby know how to cry, new born horse know how to gallop, fish can swim with no one teaching, we can breath with zero coaching.

Growing a plant is the same too.

We water the plant, leave it aside and the seed will turn into greens. That's simple.
You will not expect the seed to turn green, because there's nothing to expect. It's nature.
You can expect the plant to have red/ white/ blue flowers, or even fruits. But growing up into a plant is not within expectation. It's a process, is a cycle.

Some people existence is so natural, is like a breath of air.
You will never fear there's no air, there's always air.
Comfortable, essential and invisible.

I will learn to grow slow.
I finally realize the plant is not a fruit plant. It's a leaves plant.
Nothing to expect, just hoping the growing will continue.

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