Monday, August 12, 2013

The August

Obviously out of title to write. So here I am.
Manila again.

Normally when I'm in Manila, I have thoughts to write things down.

Spent a long day with the mentor, and again, same feeling, feeling small.
Being asked again what I vision myself to do, what I prefer to do, what I want for my career, what's the path I like...I'm like...blank. Completely blank.

Such a LOSER.

Is either work extra hard for it, or work extra smart for it. The later sounds more imposible.


Kinda 'lost' a friend recently. When there's no more reply, I know there won't be anymore sincere reply.
Thanks for all the support and comfort you did for me, you will be remembered I guess :)

Feeling empty.


Talking to genius and intelligent people make me sounds extremely bimbo and dumb.
Remind myself not to get into 'entrepreneur' -like people, nerds sometimes are cute, but can be very very annoying at times.

Sent a wrong article to a future dad one day. And I got cold treatment.
But well, it's a truly touching piece. I wanted to share with you all.

Credit to the sweetest husband and the toughest dad:

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