Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Faith enhancement

There's so many issues, half hanging here and there, feel like being trapped in a cobweb, the more you struggle, the deeper you are trapped.

Again, I feel so small that my issues are not worth to mention at all. But, I do suffer.
I'm feeling helpless most of the time, not capable enough, not grown up enough, not confident enough.
On the other hand, I have to tone myself down to be 'nice ' to people.

I am not there yet. Peeling off the lies, sees the truth sucks.

Still, I have to man up and show you the happiest side of me, the joyful cheerful side of myself.
For one simple reason, my issue have no solution, too small to mention, and no one interested.

So I sank myself in my insecurities, my broken ego and low self esteem.
And put on a mask when I need to.

Urgh, need a way out.

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