Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Being an adult

I have a big mouth.

Everyone around me should know this. I brag about stuff, talk big about things, being so ego and so full of myself. I have a big mouth.

A lot of times I can't help to express myself, because I'm insecure.

Do you know the feeling of being invisible for years?
I been through that.

And I hate it, I'm don't like to be ignore, probably I wanted to talk so much most of the time. I want to prove myself.

The consequence of being big-mouther, is when you do something contradicting with what you said, you keep quiet.

No matter how helpless, how painful it is, you shut up. Because you talk too big.


Being an adult is never easy.
Being stress at the middle of night, thinking about work over and over again, being helpless of current situation, can't even explain your self. Sucks.

Who understand that?

Right now, I just want to run away from this.

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