Tuesday, May 9, 2017


What is BFF?
According to Wikipedia: "Best friends forever" ("BFF") is a phrase that describes a close friendship. 

Close friendship comes in many forms.
I would define close friendship as such.

- Close friend have a constant effort to stay close with each other no matter how busy they are
- Close friend will have effort to update each other and will not shy to talk about it
- Close friends choose close friends for important decision, seek for advise and listen to what only your bff will say
- BFF will not judge you for being you, but will comment on you and make you be a better person
- Close friend influence each other to become better self
- Close friends will remain as close friends even though time drift them apart.

It's not easy, rather it's not hard to become friends. It's hard to be close friends, Harder to maintain it.

I once though that I will have never ending topics and will never feel distance from a close friend. I treasure this friendship, being the best supportive figure I can ever be, tried to help as much as I can and try not to feel like been taken for granted. 

However time proves me wrong. Time will drift people apart, topics become mundane, atmosphere become awkward and eventually, there's no meaning to meet anymore.

Nobody say it was easy, I know. 

I'll keep trying, until my face is so thick I will not feel the akwardness anymore.

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