Thursday, March 16, 2017

Need to be lit up.

Quick update. 

I have a rough day, rough week, rough month. I'm busy, but I used to be wayyyyyy busier, this is nothing compare to last time. 

But I feel harder to accomplish things now, when the instructions are confusing. 

I know we all work for the rice bowl. But really, do you want to work just for the rice bowl? 

I felt more stupid these days, partly because for years I've not been learning new stuff in my industry. No doubt I learnt a lot of corporate skill, but industry knowledge I feel like I'm stepping on the same point. Not moving forward. 

I used to be inspired by stories people told me, the idea they had in mind, awed by people who want to accomplish great things, not doing things just to please the social stigma. I missed the days when I have long meaningful conversation with my mentor, visualizing the world he had, and inspire me to be a better person. 

Days like this I miss him a lot. I just need to be inspired and feed my hungry brain I guess.

I barely create something new, there's nothing new to create. I want to be a creator, a inspirational figure, a digital expert. #sohardmeh 

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