Friday, September 2, 2016

Relationship management

Nope, not talking about boy girl love.

I'm talking about friendship.
Once a friend asked me, do you think a friendship that need to be managed, is true friendship?

Well, sad but it's true that friendship do need to be managed and groom. Friendship that doesn't need to be groomed has been elevated, become sisterhood, or closer than friends.

So, what if your friend have lost interest in you, your topic, your jokes, your invitation?
And you can see clearly double standard is applying to you?

Sad but true that friends sometimes are the best person to hurt you, especially those that knew you too well. When you expose all the soft spot, they know exactly where to press.

Recently there's a horrible news happened.

A lady who is the nicest person I knew, a nicest HR I knew lost her husband.
Heart attack, sudden death.

This sadden me a lot, makes me wonder, why am I holding on things that not worth my time?

You can see this person in the morning, and in the same day you are separated by 2 different world?

Why are you so ashamed to admit you miss someone?
Why are you so untrue about yourself?
What if people despise you for being so emotional? Heck it! This is how I feel at the moment and I want you to know!

If I'm happy I laugh, if I'm sad I frown.
If I told you I missed you, I truly am.

What if this is not mutual?


I know if I'm gone in the next moment, at least I said what I want to say, did what I want to do.

Towards friends I'm an open book. You can read me anytime you want, just the matter of whether you just judging me by the cover.

People drifted apart, see who are the last one standing, and I will cherish every moment I earn from you.

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