Sunday, September 21, 2014

Keep going and be strong

These days it suddenly reminds myself that I should be strong, and keep going strong. I believe in girl power, and believe there's nothing in the world girl can't do.

However after some complications, I learned to tone myself down. Be vulnerable when it's necessary, be weak and dumb when it needed to, be empty when it's to your benefits.

I can't say I'm right, but I think this does tone me down and be less 'fierce'.

But this is a self reminder, I must always improve myself.


Life is boring like a still water.
Job is unknown, and now we are playing waiting game, last man standing wins.
I'm not always the last man standing, maybe I should try once.
I'm very anxious in nature, I can't wait and I can't waste time. But this time I'm taking a huge bet, since fate bring me such a way, I shall wait and see.


There's always different passerby and different interesting people in my life in different stage.
I'm thankful for knowing all these people, and get to know how unique and interesting every individual are. They make me understand myself, overcome my weakness and know other people better.

Those who stayed longer make me understand you better, those who touch n go I'm still thankful for knowing you. I believe all of the passerby are nice and kind person. Blessed.



I just discovered Instagram recently, need some outing to fill up my life...
And believe it or not my selfie skill dropped tremendously. I need pretty pictures !!!!!!!


ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCK: I went for hiking with a bunch of nice people. HIKING omg..the thing I hate on my top 10 list, but I think I don't particular hate it now. Yay achievement unlock!

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