Monday, September 15, 2014

All the best thing in the world

It's just too hard to get everything in the world.
It's weird that how messy my filing system is, and still people are saying I'm organized.
Trying to claim back my tax repayment balance for the longest time, but still there's missing payslip here and there.

I'm so hate myself for not keeping a proper filing.

Now that my old files are gone, it's almost impossible for me to recover the old files :(


And thinking about getting EA form from the previous employer...worries me.


On a bright side, I got a surprise present today!
It's a watch!

I always love watch as a gift, that's why I asked for one on my 21st birthday.

Watch represent time, time is the only unit of measurement in the world. Without time, we are nothing. Time proves the moment, moment creates memories.
Time that forms into memories are timeless. That's why I love watch as gift.

Thanks so much. Long live friendship!

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