Sunday, March 30, 2014


Today marked my last day tenure here.
Mixed feeling, sad is the majority.

Feeling insecure, feeling sucky, feeling unlucky, feeling trapped, feeling heavy hearted.

Each time I have this tendency to leave a company just before it gotten into its' best shape. And now looking at the new org chart, I know I'm no where near the management level.

Somehow my progress just stuck at somewhere and can't grow. It make me wonder if people like me who have this kind of personality, not fitted for big task?

Self reminder again, I leave to grow, I leave to feel the hardship, I leave to proof myself that I can, not the one who always look down on myself.

I leave for a tougher reality, leave for better learning, better initiative, a new mind.

I will survive even though it's tough, I can do it.

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