Friday, October 18, 2013


Watched House yesterday and that episode, they finally got together.

They are the cutest character in the series. They act like kids, bully each other and play prank on each other like kids. Remember how you will do if you have secret crush on a fella during primary school?

You'll flip her skirt, punch him, mess up his homework, poke him from the back during class. Attention seeking it is.

This is how they do it exactly, except the 'adult' way.
He smashed her toilet bowl, hired PI to stalk on her.
She throw away his sticks, changed his drugs, steal his office.

But when problems come, they worry about each other, always keep an eye for each other.

There's a fine line there they wouldn't want to cross. They are afraid, if they go admit that feeling, bad things happen.

They won't be friends anymore, and they will not feel good about each other. They know they are 2 unfit puzzles, but they secretly loving each other. Always protecting each other, looking out one another.

They are afraid, adult first world problem.

The jerk know he'll always be a jerk. The lady know he will always be.

But they did it. In one life and death event, they did it.
It's happy, warm and full of laughter. No argument, only sweet smile and stupid jokes.

Then, before Cuddy left the house, House said, this is not going to work.
They messed up the fine line, hence everything crumble.

Can they go back to how they used to? I don't think so.
But stop loving each other? They can't.

The moment they say goodbye, they have fear, doubts and insecurity.  All the wrong feelings punching their tummy, rational telling them wrong, feelings messing everything up.
They know this is not the right thing to do. Love is not everything.

The potion of love, is not love alone.

There's always other things which come together in a package.

Responsibilities, insecurities, comfort, company, time, families, pet, even your god-damn bad habit come together.

Love is nothing, in compare to all these.

That's why many people are in love, not many made it to the last.

Sacrifices is the key. How much are you willing to?

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