Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reminder to myself.

Three days ago I've bumped in to my ex-boss, I'm certainly happy to see him. But we don't have much time, so we just 'hi' and 'bye' and hoping we will keep in touch.

The day after, few hours before I knock off, he called and ask me for a dinner.
Of course, I'm more than happy to accept his invitation. He's a mentor for me, my inspiration and my guru in stock market.

A simple dinner, but fruitful sharing with him. He share so much with me, wanted me to follow a successful path, not to do any mistake like everyone does.
Perhaps you might imagine he's a old man with white hair, almost bald, fat and have a huge belly.


He's 32, have 1 baby boy and expecting another. Have a lovely wife and perfect marriage.
He's NOT bald, a slight 'office' tummy, tech savvy, Apple product lover.

He shares a lot of big principles to me, throughout the years what he realize and understand the meaning of being a successful person.

1) When you are spending 80% of time doing something you don't like eg: your job, spend the rest of the 20% doing something different.

2) Don't do only what you are doing, do well in what you are doing, but also outdo something else. Some thing you are interested.

3) Don't believe completely what people told you. 90% of the things are false perception, the remaining 10% is for you to find out.

4) Don't stop when you see the surface. Dig down and understand the big picture. Understand what people won't normally want to find out.

5) THINK. Think how to spend your time, do your time management, do not waste time on people who won't inspire you.

6) Think more. Think on the solution, be a calculative risk taker. Understand what people need, and what you have to offer.

7) Try updating your resume as often as possible. You MUST find something to update, else you're not improving at all. Add in one column: ACHIEVEMENT.

8) Talk to the elders. Talk to someone who is twice your age, and you must be knowledgeable enough to do that.

9)Finish reading Stephen Covey. This book is deeply influencing my mentor.

10) You don't need to work hard, but force yourself to do something you like.

11) Repeat reading a useful book throughout the years. You will understand something different every time you read back.

12) Don't wait for opportunity. Create it.

13) Study what you have to. Understand the nature of your occupation. Study what other people in your same position won't do.

14) Think analytically. See something, and analyze the story behind.

15) Remember the above.

These makes where he is standing today. A successful business man.
I appreciate his teaching on that dinner, hopefully I can change my life.

This is what he told me : 'I see something different in you, and potential too. I hope in few years down the road, we can work together. I enjoy working with you.'

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