Friday, February 20, 2015


Just now my mom showed me some old pictures of my teenage time. I OMGed OMGed for a few times, and wondered how I can be so lame, trying to 'pose' like idol with 'no-smile' face, taken from old school film camera.

*Pictures are too ugly for display.

I was brought up in a family with zero idea how love would be. Love as in the couple love, the lovey dovey love.
I used to have crush in my primary school, but I studied in girl school after that in my secondary school.

In 5 years time without any access to men in my school, I don't know what it is like to be loved, or to love.

When the first time I being court, there's nothing else than DISBELIEVE.
I don't believe that there's actually a boy in this world, who will like who I am, and according to him, he loved me.

I was thrilled, overwelmed and at the same time feel strange. What it is like to be 'loved'?
I start to have a framework of being in love, hold hands, going out, dating, movies etc.
Spent so much time to 'learn' how to be loved and how to love. And most importantly, gain my confident of being a girl, a girl that worth loving by another boy.

I used to think how unworthy I am, because I'm lame, fat, bold, stubborn and snobbish.
Years of learning myself from another person, gain back my confident, bit by bit.

It's quite amazing thinking back, how I used to be and how I learn about myself.
I am truly blessed that I have chance to see myself in that manner.

Saw this just now, I think I'm quite agree that things aren't always that beautiful, but it's not that bad after all. Just like growing up is not something we all want to, but it's ain't that bad eventually.

喜欢一个人,在一起的时候会很开心。爱一个人,在一起的时候会莫名的失落.喜欢一个人,永远是欢乐,爱一个人,你会常常流泪。喜欢一个人,当你想起他会微 微一笑。爱一个人,当你想起他会对着天空发呆.喜欢一个人,是看到了他的优点。爱一个人,是包容了他的缺点。 喜欢,是一种心情。爱,是一种感情。

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