Saturday, November 22, 2014

Miss having all of you!

 I think I'm blessed, all this while people have been treating me quite well. Friends, colleague and mentor. I think I'm lucky enough to see more good people than bad one. Especially colleague turn friends, which is not easy. People always said in corporate world there's no friends in work place, but I met so many, and constantly stay in touch even tough people come and go along the way. It's truly an amazing feeling to have friends battle hand in hand with you.

 Although time pass, we don't share the same life, common topic become lesser, lesser gathering, more problems, more complications, but it's still a bless feeling for having friends after people parted. Life have ups and downs, sometimes downs are more than ups. Negative feelings drive people away, I too realize this too late. Aura around me is too negative I don't even want to spread this to anyone.
I will keep that in mind, keep the negative part away. Lock away and throw far away.

A good friend asked me after all the venting, 'What do you want to request in this current situation?'
I had a deep thought during the weekend, realize there's nothing I can request, can nothing I can change the fact.

Therefore the best and the only way is to shut up and keep going. As long as you do the right thing, right end result will come to you.

I know one day I will be at where I'm proud of. Maybe not now, maybe not the coming year, but I will be someone I proud of for sure.

Meanwhile, focus on other stuff! Like...losing weight? :P

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