Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In Japanese, graduation!

Thanks Tian Xin who surprised me with a bouquet of lovely flower, your attendance light up my day!

Thanks George and Szetoo (Happy to see you both after so long) who snapped my picture when I was on stage!
You don't know how important is this to me...I'm just regretting I didn't buy the picture when I was in KLCC, didn't expect George snapped the picture. Arigatou manyak manyak!

Thanks all my friends who gave me so much memories study together, went UK together, gone through stress together, experience failure together. Time with you guys are unbeatable!

Thanks JT's parents who always sayang me so much <3
Thanks for another bouquet of lovely flowers..arigatou!

Thanks JT for fetching me to KLCC...LOL!
And thanks him for the time spent with me during college and Uni time.

Finally, thanks to my dearest family who always be there for me, for being so supportive regardless in financial and education, love and care.
Their unconditionally love and support is something I can't pay back at once. They are the reason of who I am today, I know they proud of me, so do I! I'm proud of my parents, who love me so much!

I love you all:)


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its like u are on the stage of an award and thank you to this thank you to that xD